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There are enough rules in life as it is. Some, however, are there to help. Like the rules that govern how to dress well. Of course, every man or woman that has an opinion on such things speaks from personal experience – and no doubt what works for one doesn’t always work for another; or what works for one is considered too pedestrian or too avant-garde by another. So, when it comes to dressing, they always have to be taken at face value. They’re solid suggestions rather than the last word on style.


How to Upgrade Any Look?

Sometimes a dress code can feel rote – more like a uniform than an expression of personal style. This is especially true if you’ve built up a wardrobe of rewardable pieces and they’ve each made appearances at several occasions. Here @ Washington S.C. Fashion & Wig Boudoir you can shop and find a few ways to make that will make your outfit comes together and feels fresh.



Dressing well is a topic near and dear to my heart. It is something that I personally strive to do every day because of how it makes me feel and the way that it jump-starts my day. Dressing well can be boiled down into two simple ideas. The first is the act of dressing and the second is the concept of doing something with intention and effort. In my opinion, anything worth doing is worth doing well. But what does doing something well actually mean? The Merriam Webster definition of well is:


When you do something thoroughly, every little detail matters. Each part of your outfit from top to bottom is something to consider. I have found that my ability to recognize patterns and focus on details has increased since I started dressing well. This skill has not only benefitted me by helping my put together cute outfits, but, it has helped me in the workplace when it comes to coordinating events, schedules, and timelines.


When something is important, you take time to care for it. Every time that I take the effort to dress well, I am subconsciously telling myself that I matter and that my life is important. If you struggle with self-doubt, being too critical with yourself, or not feeling worthy of the blessings God has given you (things that I have often struggled with) then dressing well is a simple daily reminder that you have value beyond measure!

"that hair isn't yours,"

That is a way to attack someone else esteem. Well, Wig Boudoir lets the WOMEN, LADIES, AND GIRLS BE GREAT. Dress yourself with confidence.





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